When the travelers arrived on earth, Grant and his sister, Stevie escaped the crumbling city of New Orleans to live in the bayous of Louisiana where they've been eking out a living for the last five years.


With the death of their own star, the surviving travelers came to earth seeking refuge, but deemed the human race incapable of caring for their own planet.


Overnight, the world governments surrendered for a term of fifteen years, allowing the aliens to set up a temporary colony on earth. Only earth was overpopulated and resources were in short supply. The planet couldn't sustain the human population and the thousands of alien refugees.


The culling of the human race eliminated all but the strongest, and purest of humans. Multi-cultural kids like Grant and Stevie didn't count.


Every day they live in fear of the alien drones scouting the swamps where they live. Their only hope is to survive long enough for the travelers leave earth for good.


But surviving the culling was just the beginning. After a chance encounter with a group of resistance fighters, Grant realizes it's time to fight.

It's time to reclaim earth for the humans … or die trying.

The Culling (A Sci-Fi Novella)

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