This collection includes the first five books of the award winning Emerge series plus over 200 pages of bonus content. The series continues with Emerge: The Heir (Book 4) available now.



From Emerge: The Assignment:

She has devoted her life to training with the elite Immortals of Soma. For nearly a decade, Tessa St. James has sacrificed her life with her family to live, train and work behind the safety of Sterling Tower, waiting for the day when she will receive her first assignment. With Soma at her back, her days of working the Amrita circuit are numbered. As soon as her trainer deems her ready for an assignment, Tess will be one step closer to a world-class career within the Soma agency. When a casual flirtation at an anonymous Amrita event becomes not so anonymous, Tess is left with images of Dean McBrien to haunt her when she returns to life at Sterling Tower where nothing is as it seems. For the first time Tessa questions the world she lives in and is no longer able to look the other way when Soma’s actions don’t add up. What will happen when Tessa finally realizes her position at Soma isn’t all she dreamed it would be? Fans of Emerge will not want to miss the explosive ending when Allie and Tessa's stories collide. Get a taste of what's coming next for Allie in Emerge: The Heir, in Emerge: The Assignment, exclusive to this boxset.



From Emerge: The Awakening (book 1)

She’s an orphan, an outcast, and … Immortal. Allie Carmichael has never known true friendship. Even those closest to her can't stand to be near her. When she learns her family will be moving from Australia to the United States, Allie prepares for life as a loner on the other side of the world… Except the warm welcome from a new group of friends changes everything. Especially Aidan McBrien, the only guy who’s ever dared to get to know her. But her new normal life—the one she’s always wanted—shatters when a painful transformation awakens the power within her and Allie discovers what it means to be Immortal.  Aidan is her equal and their friendship could mend the hurt of their lonely pasts … or it could tear them apart.  Allie must deal with the loss of her normal life amidst brutal training, her feelings for Aidan, and an ominous prophecy that threatens his future.


Emerge: The Immortals of Indriell collection

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